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Lemon Poly Mailer 10x13

Lemon Poly Mailer 10x13

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Why Poly Mailers?

  1. Tough and Resilient: Made from high-quality, tear-resistant material, Poly Mailers can handle anything you throw at them (literally!). Rain, snow, sleet, or mischievous mailroom mishaps are no match for these sturdy protectors.

  2. Light as a Feather: Save on shipping costs without sacrificing security. Poly Mailers are ultra-lightweight, meaning you can pack more punch without packing on the pounds.

  3. Seal the Deal: With their self-sealing adhesive strip, Poly Mailers make packaging a breeze. Just peel, press, and voilà! Your items are securely locked in and ready to embark on their journey.

  4. Privacy, Please: Worried about prying eyes? Don’t be. Poly Mailers are opaque, keeping your precious contents under wraps until they reach their destination.

  5. Eco-Chic: Go green without going broke. Our Poly Mailers are recyclable, ensuring you do your part for the planet while keeping your packages pristine.

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